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At Reviver Strength & Conditioning, our focus is the well-being, vitality, and strength of each of our members.. We want to meet with you for a FREE 60 minute consultation to learn more about YOU in order to prescribe the best program to help you reach your goals. During your FREE consultation, we will do a movement assessment, as well as discuss your fitness background, injury history (if any), lifestyle, nutritional habits and overall objectives. We take an individualized approach because we believe this guarantees the BEST results for our clients.

Please contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.  We look forward to meeting you!




To improv our members’ quality of life through fitness, education, and community.


To create an ever-expanding community that fosters our commitment to changing lives and building relationships through functional training and hard work.


re•viv’er n.; A person with a renewed mental & physical:

Well Being – state of having health
Vitality – state of having energy
Strength – state of having strength

At Reviver Strength & Conditioning you will find a coaching staff who believes in building trusting relationships through intelligent instruction and programming; and, who believes that fitness is a lifelong journey that encompasses training, nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, fulfillment and more.  You’ll find a community whose energy and support will leave you anxiously awaiting your next visit.  You’ll find workouts that will not only challenge you physically and mentally, but will prove that you are capable of far more than you ever thought.  You will find grandparents, firefighters, teachers, business owners, athletes, nurses, big people, small people and everyone in between.  Most importantly, you will find your path to the happy, healthy, fit life you’ve been searching for.




We consult and assess every new member individually
We have programs to fit your needs and/or wants
Classes are capped at 14 individuals to ensure safety, quality coaching and proper equipment
45 hours of class time per week
Individual programs and nutrition coaching services


Vince Terbrack

VINCE TERBRACKCrossfit-Mobility-BadgeCrossfit-Level1-Badge

  • OPEX CCP Level 1: Nutrition, Life Coaching, Assessment & Program Design
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer

Vince played football, baseball, and hockey from the time he could walk. During high school he started lifting weights but this always took a back seat to sports. Once he started college, lifting weights took priority. The goal during that time was to get “big and strong.”
After almost a decade of getting “big and strong” Vince was on to a new adventure, MMA. After his first practice at the dojo he knew something needed to change regarding training. At the same time Jeremy introduced him to this new thing called CrossFit. After completing his first CrossFit workout and feeling exactly how he felt during MMA practice Vince was hooked. That workout was in 2009 and he has not stopped since.
Because of CrossFit, not only has his view on fitness changed but it has completely changed his path in life by giving him the opportunity to open his own CrossFit affiliate. Being able to impact people’s lives on a daily basis is the most rewarding thing that Vince has ever done!

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Jeremy Kochis

JEREMY KOCHISCrossfit-Mobility-BadgeCrossfit-Level1-Badge

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • OPEX Business Systemspn1
  • Precision Nutrition L1

Jeremy grew up playing sports in Clawson, MI. From the time he could walk, through college, Jeremy played baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, basketball and football. Needless to say, when his days at Western Michigan University were over, there was a void in his life.
Enter CrossFit…since 2009 CrossFit has been his training program and competitive outlet. He has competed in numerous local competitions and had the chance to compete at the 2011 CrossFit Regionals on a team. Jeremy began his coaching career in 2010 at CrossFit NWA in Rogers, AR….after a year and a half at CFNWA he and Vince opened CFR in August of 2011 and since then his focus has shifted from competitor to business owner / coach and he lives each day to build relationships and help the members of CFR reach their goals and true potential.
When it comes to fitness, he believes that consistency is king (or queen). Whether its with training, or nutrition, or recovery, or internal happiness (or everything)…in order to achieve a goal there must be consistency. If he’s not coaching you’ll find him hanging out with his friends and family, playing golf, training, or trying to grow the CFR community. When he’s training he has Pandora tuned to Eric Church or DMX (depends on the day). His burning desire is to play golf every day!

“To get things you’ve never had, you must do things you’ve never done.”

Sammie Villerot



  • CrossFit Level 1
  • B.S. in Health Sciences with a Concentration in Physical Therapy from Oakland University
  • CPT from National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Sammie grew up as a student athlete, playing soccer her entire childhood and loving every sport. As a female athlete she spent very little time in weight rooms because, “girls don’t lift weight.” It wasn’t until college that she really got acclimated to the gym setting.
Sammie took her first exercise science class hoping to gain a little knowledge in the field and fell in love with biomechanics, health, and fitness. Her original plan was to become a physical therapist. While in school she worked in a PT clinic for 4 years learning all she could about injury rehabilitation and prevention. The majority of the patients that she saw participating in physical therapy were the older generation and young student athletes. It was shocking to see the lack of experience and knowledge these individuals had regarding exercise. Most of the older generation had never consistently exercise in their lives, while young student athletes merely practiced their sport, but did not engage in strength training of any sort.
The more experience Sammie gained and the more she learned; the more of a calling she felt to the prevention side of the field. After graduating with her bachelors, Sammie decided to become a Personal Trainer. Her goal: to educate and coach individuals on proper exercise mechanics/practices and healthier nutritional habits to rehabilitate/prevent injuries and in doing so lead healthier lives.
Sammie was introduced to CrossFit when she joined CFR in January 2012. Having no idea what to expect, she was just looking to switch up her work out and having heard about it from a friend who wanted to join she figured.. Why not? After the first class she was blown away. Sammie finished the on-ramp, sat down with the coaches (Vince and Jeremy), signed a year-unlimited contract (first contract she had ever signed), and said, “I want to work here”. She has kept that same desire and goal from that day on.
Becoming a Reviver has built her into the strongest and healthiest version herself. Sammie has learned an immeasurable amount in her years at CFR and her love for fitness/health has grown exponentially. Educating individuals on how to take care of their bodies and watching their transformations is a true honor and Sammie hopes to have the continued pleasure to do so throughout her life.

“I have learned to use the word ‘impossible’ with the greatest caution.” – Wernher von Braun

matt delpup

MATT DELPUPsport-specificCrossfit-Level1-Badge

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Sports Specific Application

Matts background in movement has been a varied one. He gymnasticshas always been involved in some type of athletics. Out of all the sports his parents threw him and his brother into, swimming and water polo were the two that stuck. He swam competitively through high school and played club water polo while at Michigan State. Matt’s intro into CrossFit came right after graduating when he started getting more interested in nutrition and specifically the Paleo diet and its benefits. He worked out on hisown for a while, and still does enjoy a solid driveway WOD from time to time. The thing that drew him to CrossFit the most was the variety of the movements and intensity that you are able to bring to workout. He finally joined an actual box when he moved out to Pittsburgh in early 2014. He was looking to make new friends, and the community aspect of CrossFit is an extremely easy way to be introduced to like minded people. The first year in Pittsburgh, Matt spent every free minute he could at the gym, at first just to see his friends, then that evolved into becoming very interested in movement, specifically, efficiency of movement and how to coach someone with little to no experience into a competent mover. After expressing his interest in coaching with the owner, they decided he would start to shadow and he was signed up for the L1. In September of 2014, he earned the CrossFit L1 and began coaching shortly there after. Since then he has also received the CF Gymnastics cert and CF Football (now CF Sport-Specific Application) cert. He is extremely excited to join the family here at Reviver and cant wait to start helping you all become better movers, and in turn, better prepared for life.


“You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”