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Waiter Walk

For Time:

400m Waiter Walk 24kg/16kg

400m Run

200m Waiter Walk

200m Run

**If at any time during Waiter Walk the kettlebell hits the ground, its 10 Burpees**

**Please be aware that starting 9/12, the North side of the intersection at Crooks and Avon Industrial will be closed for roughly 2 weeks.  You MUST go North on Crooks and turn left onto Avon Industrial. Please give yourself a few extra minutes when leaving your house so you don’t show up late (we all know what that means 🙂 **

**The Grand Opening and Fight Gone Bad is this Saturday.  Sign up for a heat and a side dish if you have not done so already.  DO NOT forget, this is a FUNDRAISER for FGB…please do you best to raise money for those in need.  If you are planning on doing FGB we are requiring that you donate some amount.**

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

We all know to use the hook grip when we’re pulling the bar, but what about when the bar is overhead?  Read THIS ARTICLE from Catalyst Athletics.

Was Kassab the first one back, or the last one out?  You make the call, post to comments.

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