Press/Push Press/Jerk

5 Sets of : 1 Press, 3 Push Presses, 5 Jerks (all lifts will be performed from behind the neck)


For Time:  100 Sit Ups and 100 Supermans (can be partitioned in any way)


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Team WOD

As a Team of two complete the following:

1. 20 min to find a 1 rep max power clean and jerk

2. 5 min max double-unders

3. 10 sets relay style:

10 OH lunge 45/25#

10 med ball sit up 20/14#

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Please welcome our newest On-Ramp graduate, Cindy!


1.  Deadlift:  5 reps @ 65%, 5 reps @ 75%, 5 or more reps @ 85%

2.  EMOM(Every Minute On the Minute) for 10 mins:

  • 3 Strict Ring Dips
  • 3 Strict Chin Ups


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Rest Day

Rest Day / Make Up / Skill Work

WOW, what a day it was at CFR on Saturday!  Great job to all who fought through the try out WOD for the “Battle of the Boxes”.  The tentative results are posted under the EVENTS tab.  The team will be announced once all try outs have been completed.


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Just hangin out at the CFR Try Out!!!

Tryout / Team WOD

Team WOD (teams of 2)

Max Hang Squat Cleans in 2 mins

Rest 4 Mins

400m Run (Relay style)

45 Wall Balls

60 Sit Ups

45 Box Jumps

60 KB Swings

45 Burpees

40 Push Press

Rest 2 Mins

Hang from Bar for Max Time

**We will only have a Group Class at 1PM**

**The CFR Team Tryouts will be held in 4 heats:  11AM, 11:30AM, 12PM and 12:30PM.  If you are not signed up for a heat and want to try out, come at 10:30 and we will get you in the first available heat.  The WOD will be posted when you get here.  SHOW UP 15-30 MINS EARLY TO WARM UP, WE WILL START THE HEATS PROMPTLY AT THEIR RESPECTIVE TIMES.**


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