December 17, 2011 admin

Team WOD / Christmas Party

In Teams of 3 or 4:

1.  Press:  12min to find 1RM

rest 5 mins

2.  “2011 North Central Regional WOD #1”

750m Row per teammate

30 HSPU (as a team)

750m Row per teammate


**Had our last 2 EA$Y MONEY participants re-test “Fran” this morning.  Did they improve?  Well, if you consider dropping 2 minutes off their time an improvement, then I would say YES!  Nice work Mikey and Coatta.

Tonight is the Christmas Party at Bailey’s in Troy @ 7:00pm.  You need to be there because it’s going to be a blast.  If you have a work party, call in sick.  If your friends are having a party, call and say you have cooler friends.  If you have a family party, call and say the kids are sick (if you don’t have kids this will give them something to think about for a while).  You get the picture.  You all have worked very hard and now its time to celebrate!  See you there.

“The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.” – Jack London

UntitledPotomac CrossFit **What type of goal setter are you?  Post to comments.

New CFR shirts are in!  Come get em.

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