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Team WOD

In teams of 2 or 3:

:30 Row

:30 Push Up / Pull Up / Wall Ball / Sit Up (3 sets at each)

:30 Rest

*You will go through this WOD in a “follow the leader” fashion.  By the end each person will have completed 12 intervals of Rowing, 3 intervals at each movement and 12 intervals of Rest.  For example; each person will perform Row, Push Up, Rest 3x then go right into Row, Pull Up, Rest 3x…continuing until all 4 movements are completed.


Today is the big day!  For all of you competing in the Paleo Challenge you must be here for your fat testing/weigh in at some point between the hours of 10am – 1pm.  Amy will be here to take before photos if you are interested.  If you’re still on the verge of entering the challenge…DO IT!  It’s only 28 days and could change your life forever!

Also, we will no longer be posting everyone’s score to the comments page (we will post attendance).  However, we highly encourage everyone to post their own score to the comments each day.  Use this page to post scores, PR’s, feelings about the WOD and shout-outs to other members.

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Paulie securing a solid front rack position for front squats.

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