February 24, 2012 admin


1.  Max reps:

1min Toes 2 Bar
2min Kb Swings
3min Double Unders

2.  Power Clean & Jerk:  15mins of tech work

*Post results to comments


The 1st Open WOD has been announced, and it is:  AMRAP 7mins: Burpees (jump to a 6″ target).  You have two options going into this WOD…you can dread it, tell yourself it’s going to be the worst 7 minutes of your life, or you can own it.  You can make a plan and attack it like it’s the last workout you’ll ever get to do.  We do burpees quite often..how do I know?  Because everyone complains every time we do them.  We also work in the 5-7 minute time domain quite often.  What I’m getting at is you have done this workout before, so act like it.  For the next few hours leading up to your heat time I want you do to one thing:  get your mind right, you’re gonna crush this!


“Confidence is contagious.  So is lack of confidence.” – Vince Lombardi


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