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1.  3 Rounds for max reps, rest 2mins b/w rds:

:30 Wall Ball
:30 Row (calories)
:30 Seated DB Press
:30 Double Unders

2.  100 V-Ups for time

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“A team will always appreciate a great individual if he’s willing to sacrifice for the group.” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Common Faults:  Being An A-HoleBeastmodal Domains

It is no doubt that double unders are a tough skill to conquer, but they are just that; a skill.  How does one get better at a skill?  They PRACTICE!  For some this might take a week, others a month and some a year.  But you should know that they will not just magically become easy, you MUST be willing to diligently practice them if you want to get better.  We do double unders at least 2 times a week between our warm ups and workouts, but during workouts is not the time to practice them.  Most of the folks in the gym who are efficient at double unders in workouts practice them before/after class or at home.  A few tips to keep in mind from this video:

–  Keep hands in front of you and at your sides
–  Spin with your wrists not arms
–  Keep the rope tight
–  Jump slightly higher than you would for singles
–  Being proficient does not come from jumping higher, it comes from spinning faster

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