1.  20mins:  Build to tough/fast Power Clean & Push Jerk

2.  For time:

15 Shoulder to Overhead @ 40% of above
30 Double Unders
12 S to OH
24 DU
9 S to OH
18 DU

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We will be closed this Sunday 9/2 and will only have 1 class on Monday at 10am.  This class will be OPEN GYM and if sign ups exceed 12 by Sunday night we will add another class at 11am.


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Eat Protein for Breakfast


1a.  4×1 Press + 3 Push Press, rest :60
1b.  4×2 Chin Up, rest :60

2.  5 Rds:

5 KB Snatch L/A
5 KB Snatch R/A
5 Strict Pull Ups

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Nutrition For Healthy Skin:  Part 1Chris Kresser


1.  Front Squat:  5-4-3-2-1 @ 30X1, rest 2mins

2.  4rds, rest as needed

50m Sled Pull Forward
50m Sled Pull Backwards

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8 Reasons People Do Dumb ThingsT-Nation

Rest Day


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Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary!  Our community is amazing!


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Championship ChoicesCPM FITness

1 Year Celebration

It’s time to celebrate!  Please join us at Stony Creek Metro Park from 10am-3pm and at Bailey’s from 8pm-? to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary.  Here is an outline of events:

10AM:  Arrive at Stony Creek Metro Park – Eastwood Beach

10:15AM:  Run Fit Trail (1 mile)

11AM:  Beach WOD

12PM:  BBQ

1PM:  Volleyball / Basketball

2PM:  Your choice!

8PM:  Bailey’s Pub and Grille

Click on the 1 Year Celebration link on the sidebar for more details and directions to both places.


Rest Day


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Yesterday was arguably the best day we’ve had in the last year for a few reasons:  we celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary, we had the most athletes attend in one day since we opened, we had 12 athletes re-test this workout from a year ago and ALL of them improved significantly.  Of those who re-tested we had some improve by over 5 minutes, some went from using bands on pull-ups to using no band, some went completely Rx’d when a year ago that wasn’t even a thoughtWe are thrilled with how EVERYONE is progressing in all aspects of their fitness.  We could not thank you enough for the joy you give us.

We want to give a special shout out to Auntie J.  She started with us on day 1 and has been one of our most consistent members.  She has improved in every aspect of her fitness and it shows.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the pictures below!  Auntie J, you look amazing and we are very proud of you, keep it up!

Auntie J (far left) on 8/22/11

Auntie J on 8/22/12check out the pic from yesterday as well

Shout out to the 5:30am crew from yesterday…10 athletes showed up to start our 1 Year Anniversary out with a bang! *sorry for the poor quality photo


1.  10mins:  Snatch tech work

2.  10mins:  Clean & Jerk tech work

3.  For time:

400m Run

Pull Ups
Push Ups

400m Run

*Compare to 8/22/11

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Exactly one year ago today CrossFit Reviver posted its first WOD.  We had 16 athletes show up and today we average more than double that.  We opened CFR for one reason; to help change the lives of others…we just didn’t realize how much you would change ours.  You have no idea what a pleasure it is to get up every morning and come to the gym to train our members, so for that we THANK YOU!  If CFR has changed you in any way please leave a comment explaining how and/or leave your most memorable moment of the last year at CFR…

Enjoy some pics from Day 1…

Miss Lena showing us how to do Burpees!

Team MacMillan…notice Nikki using the black band!

Auntie J doing what she loves the most…


Unfortunately, Kruzer lost his lunch.

Day 1 whiteboard.