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1.  10mins:  Snatch tech work

2.  10mins:  Clean & Jerk tech work

3.  For time:

400m Run

Pull Ups
Push Ups

400m Run

*Compare to 8/22/11

*Post results to comments


Exactly one year ago today CrossFit Reviver posted its first WOD.  We had 16 athletes show up and today we average more than double that.  We opened CFR for one reason; to help change the lives of others…we just didn’t realize how much you would change ours.  You have no idea what a pleasure it is to get up every morning and come to the gym to train our members, so for that we THANK YOU!  If CFR has changed you in any way please leave a comment explaining how and/or leave your most memorable moment of the last year at CFR…

Enjoy some pics from Day 1…

Miss Lena showing us how to do Burpees!

Team MacMillan…notice Nikki using the black band!

Auntie J doing what she loves the most…


Unfortunately, Kruzer lost his lunch.

Day 1 whiteboard.

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