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WHAT: The 2012 Battle of the Boxes hosted by CrossFit Transformation

WHERE: Dodge Park, 40620 Utica Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

WHEN: Saturday, October 27th, 8AM – 5PM

DETAILS: There will be teams of 6 (3 men, 3 women) competing for the title of the “Baddest Box” in Michigan.  Each team will complete 4 WODs (formats and exercises will not be released until the week of the event) and the top 5 teams who completed all WODs Rx’d will face off in the 5th and final WOD to determine the winner.

TEAM CFR: CrossFit ReviveR will be putting a team together to send to this event.  We will hold a tryout on Saturday, September 29th to find the 6 who will represent CFR.  The sign up sheet is located on the whiteboard in the front of the gym, sign up ASAP.  ALL CFR members are invited to tryout and/or come watch as our athletes battle it out.  Heat times will be posted by Sunday, Sept 23rd.  Be prepared to be here from roughly 9:30am-12pm.

THE EVENT: This will be our second year competing in this event.  Last year our members were only a couple months into their CrossFit careers and we had to modify nearly every WOD.  This year we plan to perform all WODs as prescribed and compete for the trophy.  If you are a newer member and not quite ready for competition we still recommend participating in the tryout and most definitely coming out to the event to show your support.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.



WOD 1&2
12:00 PM:  Sonja, Apey, Sarah, Kelly
12:20 PM:  Snake, Mr. P., Craig, Matt, Adam, PC
12:40 PM:  Paulie, Kruzer, Kassab, Neil, Matty

WOD 3&4
1:10 PM:  Sonja, Apey, Sarah, Kelly
1:25 PM:  Snake, Mr. P., Craig, Matt, Adam, PC
1:40 PM:  Paulie, Kruzer, Kassab, Neil, Matty


WOD 1: 12mins to find a 1RM Clean & Jerk 
*Athlete can use any style of Clean and Jerk to get the bar from the ground to a locked out overhead position.  Score will be highest weight lifted.

WOD 2: 1min:  Max Squat Cleans  135/95  1min:  Max Shoulder to Overhead  135/95 
*Athletes will begin this after a 2min rest following WOD 1.  During the first minute you will perform as many squat cleans as possible.  Bar must touch the ground every time and the athlete must reach a full squat position and stand to full extension at the top with the bar in the rack position.  During the second minute the athlete will perform as many shoulder to OH reps as possible.  The bar must start on the shoulders and be locked out overhead with full extension of arms and hips.  Score will be total reps during both minutes.

WOD 3: AMRAP 8mins:  75 Double Under Buy-In, 7 Pull Ups, 10 Burpees 
*Athletes must perform 75 Double Unders before they begin working on the Pull Ups and Burpees.  The total WOD is 8mins, so the faster the double unders get done, the more time you have to do work.  Score will be total rounds + reps of 7 Pull Ups, 10 Burpees.

WOD 4: Max Effort Unbroken Hand Stand Push Ups 
*This will begin after a 2min rest following WOD 3.  Athletes will be given one attempt at a maximum effort unbroken set of HSPU.  The set begins when you complete your first rep and ends when you come off the wall.  All athletes will go to one AbMat and kipping is allowed.  For a rep to count your head must hit the AbMat and you must lock your arms out with both heels in contact with the wall.  Score is total number of reps.

You may scale any and all workouts based on your abilities.  However, if you choose to scale a workout you will automatically be ranked lower than all athletes who completed the workout prescribed.  Athletes will be ranked in each workout based on score.  After all workouts are complete your rankings will be added up to make a total.  The guys and girls with the lowest 3 totals will represent us on October 27th.

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