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So you’re interested in becoming a part of the community at CrossFit Reviver but not sure what to do. Well you’re in luck; we’ve outlined what you need to do to begin tackling your goals!  Remember, it doesn’t matter what your goals are, we have a program to help you accomplish them.

Step 1: Call us TODAY!

Call us at 248-379-8279 or 248-388-9572 today, to set up your FREE consultation.  At CFR we consult and assess every single person that starts with us.  This allows us to get to know you and your goals, locate any movement restrictions and give proper recommendations for entry to our programs.  A consultation will take 45-60mins and will include:

  • Discussion on goals and injuries / restrictions
  • Introduction to proper nutrition
  • Mobility Assessment
  • On-Ramp commitment
  • Q&A

Step 2: On-Ramp / Intro To Movement

At CFR we’re about moving safely and efficiently. That is why we require ALL new members to complete our On-Ramp course before starting their program. In this course you will learn how to safely and efficiently perform all of the movements we use. The topics/movements covered in this program are sequential and attendance to every class is fundamental to your success. This course is also our way of learning more about you and the way you move. Please understand that ALL movements are scalable and we use progressions to teach everything; no matter what your current fitness level, you can do this! Once you complete this course you will be ready to tackle all the daily workouts with confidence. Here are some more details about the On-Ramp:

  • Schedule: M/W/TH for 4 weeks (12 total classes).
  • Time: 7:30pm – time can change based on attendees.
  • How Often?: A new On-Ramp course will begin every 4 weeks.
  • Size Limit: We limit these classes to 6 people to assure you receive the attention you need.
  • Cost: $165 (same as a one month membership)
  • Missed Classes: If you have to miss a class for whatever reason you will be required to make it up by scheduling a one-on-one session for $25.
  • What if I’m not available during the scheduled On-Ramp classes? Or, I don’t want to wait for the next one to start? No worries, we have individual On-Ramps available by appointment. These consist of 6-9 personal training sessions and 3-6 group classes.  Please contact us for pricing and to schedule your consultation.

To reserve a spot in the next On-Ramp course please contact us. Because class sizes are limited to 6, we require a non-refundable down payment of 50% to reserve a spot.

Step 3: Test Out

If you are an experienced CrossFitter you can “Test Out” by scheduling a one-on-one session for $25. If we feel you’re ready to start Group Classes you will not be required to complete the On-Ramp.

Step 4: Pick a membership option to align with your goals.

We offer several different memberships at CFR and have a wide variety of class times. When you decide what works best for you, simply come to class ready to get to work. To learn more about our offerings visit our Programs and  Schedule and Rates tabs.

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