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It’s that time of year again!!  CFR will be holding a Nutrition Challenge at the start of the New Year.  There are a few reasons we hold challenges like this:  1)  Its a chance to compete and win stuff, and winning is awesome.  2)  If you had a hard time eating healthy over the holidays (or the last ___ months), this is an opportunity for you to turn it around with the support of others.  And most importantly  3)  If you work hard at this and are determined to succeed you will open your eyes to a new lifestyle that will change everyday from here on out!



Sunday Jan. 6th – 2-2:30PM:  Seminar / Q&AWe will spend roughly 30mins discussing the details of the challenge and answering any questions you may have.

Saturday Jan. 12th – Body Comp Test: You will be required to sign up for a time slot to go to Oakland University for the initial body comp test.  This test will cost $40 and can be paid by check (make payable to Oakland University) or cash.

Saturday Feb. 9th – Body Comp Re-Test: Again, you will be required to sign up for a time slot to go to Oakland University for the body comp re-test.  This test will cost $30 and can be paid by check (make payable to Oakland University) or cash.


–  You will get points for posting your daily food log to our website’s comments section.  There will be a total of 20 points available each day:  5 points just for posting, 10 points for eating “Paleo” for the day, 1 point for each of the following:

-7hrs+ sleep for previous night
-3g+ Fish Oil
-64oz+ water
-20mins+ mobility
-Training at CFR.

–  You will need to include your total number of points for the day in this post.

–  Total cost will be $85.  $40 for the first test (paid to O.U.), $30 for the second test (paid to O.U.) and $15 entry fee (paid to CFR).

–  Winner(s) will be determined based 25% on total points and 75% on fat loss.  There will be a cash prize for the winner(s).

–  You will see results.  You’ll feel better (mentally and physically), you’ll look better and your training will improve


Please sign up at the gym for a testing time slot.  Sign Ups will be closed on Jan 6th.

Here are directions/instruction for the testing facility at O.U.:

It is in 1051 (first floor) Human Health Building. If you park on the south side of the building, the entrance is on the first floor and you would go to the right once entered. If you park on the north side of the building the entrance is on the second floor–take the stairs to the left of the doors as you enter and go down to the first floor. Head for the first floor exit (same door for north entrance) but turn left down hall. I’ll put up some signs at the entrances.

The building is on the north west corner of Oakland’s campus near the intersection of Squirrel Rd and Walton Blvd (you can see the orange building from both roads).

Participants should bring a bathing suit or other form fitting clothing to wear while sitting in the BodPod–the most important part about the clothing is that it not contain padding or is baggy. Also, they should avoid exercising and eating a meal at least an hour before testing.


Start preparing yourself now with these RESOURCES:

Robb Wolf – What is the Paleo Diet?

Robb Wolf – Links and Resources

PaleOMG – Recipes




Butter?  Only Ghee butter will be allowed.  Use coconut oil as a substitute.

– Bacon?  Only if it is uncured with no additives.

Sugar substitutes? i.e. Honey, agave, etc.  These things are considered Paleo and will not take away from your points, however, they will not help you lose fat.

Alcohol?  Not allowed.  No, not even red wine or tequila.

– Coffee?  Coffee is OK, cream and sugar is NOT OK.

–  Supplements like BCAA’s/Protein?  Read the ingredients list.  As long as there are no artificial or non-Paleo ingredients it is OK.

– FOOD POSTS MUST BE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION FOR THE RESPECTIVE DAY BEFORE NOON THE FOLLOWING DAY. Here is an example post for Sunday, Jan 6.  This post must be on the site before Noon on Monday, Jan 7.  Please make posts just like this one.  I.e. first thing posted is total points, second thing is any bonus’ that you earned, third is meals.




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