JULY 2013



Name, age, occupation, city?  Jillian Nassar, 24, Legal Assistant, Rochester

Start date at CrossFit Reviver?  August 2012

Athletic background?  Nada!

Favorite and least favorite WOD / movement?  Favorite: Russian Twists.  Least Favorite: Burpees.

Greatest accomplishment?  Personal, professional and fitness related? Personal: Graduating College.  Fitness: Completing Murph!  I though it was going to be impossible, but I got it done!

Has CFR made you better?  If so, how?  Yes, definitely!  I’m so much stronger than I ever thought I could be (I don’t struggle opening heavy doors anymore!)  Everyday I surprise myself with how far I can push myself and I absolutely love that.  I’m also WAY more coordinated.

What are your hobbies?  Going to sporting events, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Top 5 favorite movies?  Number 9, Tommy Boy, She’s the Man, Gypsy, The Departed and Kung Fu Panda.

What is one thing we don’t know about you?  I have trouble picking a favorite anything.  I don’t even have a favorite color.

What are your goals in life?  Personal, professional and fitness related?  My main goal is to be happy and healthy.  In every aspect of my life I strive to never settle for just good enough and to always keep improving.


In Teams of 3:

AMRAP 15mins:

6 Pull Ups
9 Wall Balls
18 Double Unders
3 KB Snatches per Hand

Notes:  At the beginning of each round one teammate will start on a different movement (Pull Ups, Wall Balls or Double Unders).  Once you’ve completed your reps go to the next movement…do this until each teammate has completed the reps for all 3 (everyone should be working at the same time).  Then, one person at a time, complete 3 KB Snatches with each hand.  Once everyone has done their Snatches a new round begins.

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“It’s amazing what ordinary people can do if they set out without preconceived notions.” – Ben Stein

Not So Smooth(ie) Moves…


1.  20mins:  Snatch Tech Work

Notes:  Goal is to, in some capacity, get better at Snatching.  Things to work on: OHS, Pressing/Heaving/Dropping Snatch Balances, Angel Drops, Position Work, etc.

2.  For Time:  1 Mile Run

Notes:  Compare to 9/14/12

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“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” – Henry Ford

The Feet In The Snatch Balance


1. 4×6-8 Seated DB Press, rest 1-2mins

2. 4 Rds, rest 4mins

:40 Row
:20 Cooldown

3. :20/:10 x 8:  1-Sided Russian Twists

Notes:  Every interval you will alternate which side you twist to.

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“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” – Mark Twain

Hamstring Dominance


1a. 5×5 Weighted Pull Up, rest :30
1b. 5x:30 Side Plank, rest :30

Notes:  Pull Ups should be heavy but should not be failing reps.  “B” is a :30 Side Plank on each side (:60 total each set).

2.  Go through the following as many times as possible working for 4mins, rest 4mins, work 4mins (8min total work time):

7 Push Press @ 90% of 1RM Press
14 Box Jump Overs
21 T2B
7 Push Jerks @ 90% of 1RM Press
14 Box Jump Overs
21 T2B
7 Split Jerks @ 90% of 1RM Press
14 Box Jumps Overs
21 T2B

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“In order to carry a positive action we must here develop a positive vision.” –  Dalai Lama

Got Abs?  Look At Your Plate If You Said No


1.  Every :90 x7: 2 Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk

Notes:  Clean should be full (squat) and Jerk can be either Push or Split

2.  5 Rds, rest :90 b/w:

:10 AirDyne

Rest 5mins

5 Rds, rest :90 b/w:

:20 Burpees

Notes:  All out sprints during work.  Record total Calories on AirDyne and total Burpees

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“If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars


In Teams of 4:

3 Rounds:

1min:  ME Wall Balls
1min:  ME AirDyne Calories
1min:  ME Box Jump Overs
1min:  ME Rest

Rest 3mins, then:

1000m Row (250m per teammate)

Notes:  For the first part, one teammate will be at each movement and rotate each minute until you’ve gone through 3 times.  After a 3min break, each person rows 250m for a total time.

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FYI:  Nikki Mac and Coach J will be competing in the Pure Michigan Invitational today, Saturday at CrossFit Maven in Rochester Hills (Avon and John R.).  Feel free to come show your support for an hour or two.  Here are their heat times:

Nikki:  9:30am, 11:05am, 12:54pm, and 2:35pm

Coach J:  9:00am, 10:49am, 12:18pm, and 2:09

“There’s nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively.” – Wayne Dyer

The Kipping Pull Up: Debate and Application