In Teams of 2…

2min/1min x 6:
10 Box Jumps SD + 30 Double Unders + ME Pull Ups / Burpees


2min/1min x 2:
ME V-Ups / Russian Twists

Notes:  During the first portion, both athletes complete the 10 Box Jumps and 30 Double Unders, once they are done one will do max Pull Ups for the remainder of the 2mins while the other does max Burpees.  By the end, each athlete will have done 3 sets of Push Ups and 3 sets of Burpees.  For the second portion, one person does V-Ups while the other does Russian Twists for the first set…switch for the second set.

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Competitor’s Program

1. EMOMx5: 5 Power Clean and Push Jerk @ 135

Rest 2mins

EMOMx5: 3 Power Clean and Push Jerk @ 165

Rest 2mins

EMOMx5: 2 Squat Cleans + 1 Split Jerk @ 185

Rest 2mins

EMOMx5: 1 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk @ 210

2. Perform each at 70%, record total miles for AD and Meter for Row

5mins: Airdyne
5mins: Row
5mins: Airdyne
5mins: Row

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“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

How Heavy Is Too Heavy?


1.  Lunge: 4×2.2.2, pause 3secs, rest 1-2mins

Notes:  Perform 2 lunges, then pause for 3 seconds, perform 2 more, pause, perform 2 more.  Add weight if necessary.

2. 9mins, max 2-3-4 ladders:


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Competitor’s Program

1. Back Squat: 5@60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, rest :90

2. Front Squat: 5@60%, 65%, 2×5@70%, rest :90

3. AMRAP 7mins:


Power Snatch 95

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Stay Healthy and Lean Through The Holidays


1a. 3×1.1.1 Press, pause 3sec, rest :30
1b. 3×1.1.1 Chin Up, pause 3sec, rest :30

Notes:  The pause for the Press will take place when the bar is on the shoulders and for the Chin Up when you’re hanging at full extension.

2. Every :90 a new round begins:

1. 8 Wall Balls + Row
2. 10 Wall Balls + Row
3. 12 Wall Balls + Row
4. 14 Wall Balls + Row
5. 16 Wall Balls + Row

Notes:  This is one continuous effort and will last 7:30.  We will be recording total meters rowed.

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Competitor’s Program

1a. 4×3 Push Press, rest :45
1b. 4×3-5 Strict Pull Up + 3-5 C2B Pull Up + 3-5 Pull Up, rest :60

Notes:  “b” should be done as one set…complete Strict PU’s then C2B (kipping) then Regular (kipping) all without dropping from the bar.

2. For Reps:

:30/:30×4: Thrusters 65/45
:30/:30×4: KB Swings 24/16

Rest 2mins

:30/:30×8: Row (meters)

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ATTENTION:  We WILL have a 6:30pm class tonight.  Also, sign up ASAP for Friday’s classes, if they are full by tomorrow morning we will add a class. Thanks!

“A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself.  He makes his failure certain by himself being the first person to be convinced of it.” – Alexandre Dumas

Mobility Holiday Wishlist


4 Sets @ 90%, rest 3:40
:20 AirDyne
:20 KB Swing

Rest 5mins

12mins:  Build to 65-75% of Back Squat

Notes:  Record total Calories and reps for each round…stay consistent.  Goal with Back Squats is to get a feeling for how it feels to lift heavy after conditioning.

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Competitor’s Program

1. 4×1 Clean Pull + 1 Clean & Jerk @ 80-85%, rest :90

2a. 3×10 Wtd Hip Extension, rest :60
2b. 3×8 Trap 3 Raise (ea arm), rest :60

Notes:  On Hip Ext only go as heavy as you can maintain proper range and keep smooth rhythm.

3. 3 Sets @ 90%, rest 5mins

20 Wall Balls 20/10
30 Cals on AirDyne

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“Every man must decide for himself whether he shall master his world or be mastered by it.” – James Cash Penney

5 Reasons To Start Your Resolutions Before Jan 1


1. Deadlift: 3-2-1-3-2-1, rest 1-2mins

Notes:  Do not go to failure.  Think 70%, 75%, 80% for the first wave, go heavier the second.

2. :30/:30 x 8:

Odd: 5 Deadlifts at 45-50% + 10 Push Ups
Even: ME Sit Ups

Notes:  Start where you left off each time on the Odd minutes…record rounds + reps.  Also, record total sit ups.

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Competitor’s Program

1.  4×1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch @ 80-85%, rest :90

2. Back Squat: 5@60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, rest :90

3. Front Squat: 5@60%, 65%, 2×5@70%, rest :90

4. For Reps:

ME UB KB Swings 32/24
:60 ME Burpees

Notes:  This is one attempt at absolute max effort unbroken KB Swings…SELL OUT.  Then, immediately following your last rep do max Burpees in 1min…SELL OUT again 🙂

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“The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.” – Abraham Lincoln

Six Truths Of Olympic Weightlifting


1. 15mins: 1 Snatch + 1 OHS – build to heavy single

Notes:  Goal is to perform a full Snatch (receive in squat), then perform an additional Overhead Squat.  If you are unable to perform a full Overhead Squat then do 2 consecutive Power Snatches.

2. In Teams of 2:

8 Rounds For Time:
5 Pull Ups
10 DB Push Presses
15 Box Jumps

Notes:  One person works at a time.  Alternate movements and perform each set unbroken until 8 rounds are complete.

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Competitor’s Program

1. 3×3 Snatch Balance, rest :60

2a. 3×3 Split Jerk, rest :60
2b. 3×3 Clean Pull – 3 second pause 2″ off the ground, rest :60

3. For Time:

1.5 miles on Airdyne
1k Row
50 Burpees
1k Row
1.5 miles on Airdyne

Notes:  Record total time and time for each piece.  Focus on pacing…think 5k Run.

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The Best Paleo Cookbooks


1. 12mins: Heavy Single Front Squat

2. For Reps

3mins @ 80-90%:
3 Front Squats @ 55% of above
5 No Push Up Burpees

Rest 2mins

3mins @ 80-90%:
2 Front Squats @ 65% of above
5 No Push Up Burpees

Rest 2mins

3mins @ 80-90%:
1 Front Squat @ 75% of above
5 No Push Up Burpees

Notes:  Pace out the NPUB’s so you can get right to the bar for your Front Squats each round.  Record Rounds+Reps for each 3min piece.

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Competitors Program

1. Back Squat: 5@65%, 3×5@75%, rest :90

2. Front Squat: 4×5@65%, rest :90

3. For Reps:

5 KB Snatch R/A 24/16
5 Goblet Squats 24/16
5 KB Snatch L/A 24/16
5 Goblet Squats 24/16


2mins:  ME Cals on Airdyne


5 T2B

Notes:  Record round and reps for both 5min pieces, record calories for 2mins on Airdyne.  This is one continuous piece.

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“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.” – Helen Keller

Kombucha: Superfood or Superhype


1a. 3×3-5: Split Press, rest :30
1b. 3×8-10 Jumping Lunge, rest :60

Notes: Split Presses: focus on perfect split position, upright torso and strict press. Jumping lunge: use regular lunge if necessary, add DBs if needed.

2. For Time (8min Cap):

30 Wall Balls
40′ Run
10 KB Swings
40′ Run
20 Wall Balls
40′ Run
20 KB Swings
40′ Run
10 Wall Balls
40′ Run
30 KB Swings

Notes:  Should be going unbroken…use the “run” to “get your mind right” for the next set.

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Competitor’s Program:

1a. 4×5 Split Press, rest :60
1b. 4×5 Strict Wtd Pull Up w/2sec pause at top, rest :60

2. 5 Rounds @ 85-90%:

500m Row
5 Box Jumps 36/28″

Rest 1:1

Notes:  Use 45 lb plates as 4″ and 25 lb plates as 2″.  Record each interval and each Row time.  Goal is for Row times to be +/- :05.

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“Every noble work is at first impossible.” – Thomas Carlyle

10 Things Mentally Strong CrossFitters DON’T Do