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1. 3×5 Front Squat @ 60%, rest :60

2. 4mins:  Max Unbroken sets of 15 Double Unders

Notes:  This should be a number that you can do in your sleep..scale as needed!

3. AMRAP 6mins:

500m Row
50 KB Swings
ME Burpees

Notes:  If you know for a fact your 500m row is greater than 2:30, take it down to 400m.  Swings should be at a weight that can be done in 2 sets.

Competitor’s Program

1. :45on / 4.5mins off x6 @ 85%

8 DB Lunges
8 DB Push Press
ME DB Deadlifts

Notes:  One set of DB’s, should be moving quickly throughout each set.

2a. 3×5-7 Ring Dips @ 2011, rest :30
2b. 3x :60 Sorenson Hold, rest :30
2c. 3x 75 Double Unders, rest :60

Notes:  Rings Dips need to be perfect, use bands if necessary.  Focus on squeezing your ass and keeping your head neutral on the Sorenson.  There is a 15 Burpee penalty for every time you break on the Double Unders…This will be paid after all work is completed.

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