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In Teams of 2:

7min AMRAP:

5 Wall Balls
5 Box Jumps

Rest 1min

7min AMRAP

5 DB Push Presses
5 T2B

Rest 5mins

10mins:  Oly Tech Work

Notes:  One person works at a time, alternate each round.  During Oly Tech Work your goal is to get better / more comfortable with the Snatch, Clean or Jerk.  If things feel great, go for a heavy single.

Competitor’s Program

1a. 4×5 Strict Wtd Pull Up, rest :60
1b. 4×5 Strict HSPU, rest :60 *use a deficit if necessary

2. Open 11.1

AMRAP 10mins:

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches 75

Notes:  Have a plan going into this…especially for the Snatches.  From memory, 7+rounds was pretty legit on this workout, which is 1:25 per round.

*Post results to comments

“No one remembers who came in second.” – Walter Hagen

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