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4 Sets @ 90%:

10 Tough Front Squats
:90 Row
Rest 2mins


4 Sets @ 90%:

10 Tough DB Lunges
:90 Row
Rest 2mins


:90 Max Sit Ups
:90 Max Russian Twists

Notes:  Record Sit Ups and Russian Twists.

Competitor’s Program

1. 4 Sets @ 85%, rest 5mins:

:20 Push Jerk 95
:20 Box Jump SD 24
:20 Airdyne

Notes:  Goal is to get the same reps each time.

2. EMOM x 12:

Odd: 1-2 Muscle Ups + 2-5 Dips
Even: :40 Bicycles

Notes:  Do not fail on Muscle Ups…perform Dips immediately after your last MU.  If MU’s are not happening, do 5 C2B Pull Ups “as high as possible” + 2-5 Ring Dips.

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When posting your food logs for the Nutrition Challenge, please post them to their respective day’s comments section.  For example; Sunday’s food log should be posted in Sunday’s comments section…even if you made the post Monday morning.

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