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1. 21-15-9 (7min cap)

Pull Ups
Box Jumps
Push Ups

Notes:  Should be fast and unbroken.

2a. 3×4 Back Squat @ 70%, rest :30
2b. 3×5-7 HSPU, rest :60

Notes:  Back Squats focus on what goes wrong when you go for a max.  HSPU’s work on what you struggle with; kipping vs strict.

Competitor’s Program

1. 4×5 Front Squats + 10 Back Squat at 65% of FS, rest 2mins

Notes:  You will perform 5 Front Squats, rack the bar and within 5 seconds un-rack it on your back for 10 Back Squats.

2. 3 RFT:

15 Thrusters 100
15 C2B Pull Ups

Notes:  Use as an opportunity to game plan and see how well you know yourself.  Compare time to 13.5.

*Post results to comments

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

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