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1. 10mins: 5-8 TnG Power Cleans

Notes:  Goal is to get more confident cycling through reps.  Work from Hang or Floor.

2. :40on / :20off x 6 @ 90%:

5 Front Squats
ME Burpees

Rest 3mins

:40on / :20off x 6 @ 90%
5 DB Push Press
ME Double Unders

Notes:  For the Front Squats and Push Presses use a weight that is challenging but allows sets to be smooth and unbroken.  Record total Burpees and Double Unders.

Competitor’s Program

1. 4 RFT:

5 Push Press 135
10 Deadlifts 135
15 T2B
20 Box Jump Overs 24

Notes:  Record total time and note time per round.  For Box Jump Overs, feet must touch the top of the box but hips do not have to open.

2. 12mins:  Find a 3RM TnG Power Snatch

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