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1. 10mins:

60 Wall Balls
40 KB Swings
20 Burpees
ME Pull Ups

Notes:  Complete the WB’s, KBS and Burpees then with time remaining do as many Pull Ups as possible.  Record total Pull Ups

2. 12mins:  5-Rep Heavy Push Press + 45-60 T2B

Notes:  During 12mins build to heavy set of 5 Push Press and complete 45-60 T2B.  Compare weight to 12/30/13.

Competitor’s Program

1a. 3×8 Front Rack Lunges + 12 Back Rack Lunges, rest :60
1b. 3xME Strict Close Grip Pull Ups w/2sec pause at top, rest :60

Notes:  For Lunges, take bar out of rack and do 8 in the Front Rack, then push press the bar to your back for 12 more, then re-rack.  For the Pull Ups, grip the bar so when your thumbs are extended they touch (should be about 6″ apart).

2. EMOM x 10: 30 Double Unders + 5-7 T2B

Notes:  There is a 10 Burpee penalty for every time you break on the Double Unders – pay up after the 10mins.

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