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1. 1min on / 2mins off x5 @ 100%: Airdyne for Calories

Rest 5mins

2. 13mins:  Heavy Single Split Jerk

Rest 1min

3. 4min AMRAP: Sit Ups

Notes:  Each set on the Airdyne should be as hard as possible for :60 (this will look different than a :30 effort or a 5min effort).  Your scores will most likely decline each set…that’ okay, go hard each set.  During Split Jerk focus on fast feet and good lockout.  Record total Sit Ups.

Competitor’s Program

1.  6 Rounds, rest 1:1

8 C2B Pull Ups
8 Burpee Box Jumps 30″
8 C&J’s

Notes:  Start the C&Js at 135#…increase the weight by 10# and decrease the reps by 1 each set.  Your 6th round will be 8 C2B, 8 BBJs, 3 C&Js 185#.  Record time for each round.

2. EMOM x 10: 5 OHS @ 3111

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