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In Teams of 4:

8mins:  Row for Meters

7mins:  AMRAP of 10 Thrusters & 10 Pull Ups

7mins: AMRAP of 5 HSPU & 5 Box Jumps

8mins:  Row for Meters

Notes:  During both 8mins on the Rower, all 4 teammates will takes turns to maximize the Meters rowed.  After the first Row, 2 athletes will tackle the Thrusters and Pull Ups for 7mins while the other 2 get after the HSPU and BJ.  At 7mins, they will switch.  After the second 7mins all 4 will return to the Rower.  During both 7min pieces your work will be done as follows: “A” does 10 Thrusters then “B” does 10 Thrusters, then “A” does 10 Pull Ups then “B” does 10 Pull Ups…that makes 1 round.

Competitor’s Program

1.  3RFT:

40 Double Unders
20 KB Swings 24kg
10 Front Squats 135

2. 4×2 Press + 4-6 Push Press, rest :90

*Post results to comments

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