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“Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one.” – Robert E. Lee

Fitness Is Potential


Read the above article and then watch this video and see if you can connect the dots…

When I watched this video a couple thoughts came to mind.  One, Rich Froning is a straight beast and will not be beat until he decides to quit or, “knock on wood”, gets injured.  Second, could’ve he done this workout faster?  Possibly, but chances are his form would break down and he’d be risking injury.  And C, his last rep looked EXACTLY like his first rep and every other rep in between.  He is the epidome of “practice makes permanent.”  Everything he does is near perfect…why?  Because that is how he trains every day.  He practices (trains) with perfection, because he knows that is what it takes to be the best and constantly improve!

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