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1. 10mins: Heavy Single Squat Snatch

rest 2mins

EMOMx3: 1 Squat Snatch at 75% of Part 1

Rest 5mins

2. AMRAP 8mins:

8 T2B
8 Push Ups

Notes:  Part 1; focus on pulling into the squat versus doing a Power Snatch and then an Overhead Squat.  If unable to do an Overhead Squat, work on a Power Snatch.  Part 2; Goal is to stay unbroken as long as possible and once unable to do so try to break no more than once per movement.

Competitor’s Program

1. Press: 5-4-3-2-1-1, rest 2mins

Notes:  Goal is for each set to be tough and for the last single to be a max.

2. AMRAP 5mins

10 KB Snatch 24kg (5 ea arm)
20 Lateral Hurdle Hops 20″

*Post results to comments

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