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7 Rounds:

:30 Power Clean / Burpees Over Bar

Rest 1min

:30 Airdyne

Rest 1min

:30 OH Lunge / Plank Hold

Rest 1min

Notes:  Every other round alternate Power Cleans with Burpees and OH Lunge with Plank Hold.  Record total reps for each of the seven rounds.

Competitor’s Program

1a. 5×3 Back Squats, rest :60
1b. 5×1-3 Muscle Ups, rest :60

Notes:  Back Squats should be HEAVY.  Muscle Ups should be unbroken.

2. EMOMx7: 30 Double Unders + ME HSPU

Notes:  Once DU’s are complete do as many HSPU as possible in remainder of the minute…can be strict or kipping.  Record total HSPU.

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