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1. 10mins: Build to Heavy Push Press

Rest 8mins

2. 12min Descending Ladder (10,9,8,7…1):

Pull Up
*If you finish the ladder before 12mins, do ME Burpees with remaining time.

Notes:  “A” does 10 Pull Ups, “B” does 10 Pull Ups, “A” does 10 HSPU, “B” does 10 HSPU….

Competitor’s Program

1. EMOM – As Long As Possible: 15 Calories on Rower

Notes:  You must stay strapped in the Rower the entire time.  If you fail to complete 6 rounds rest 10mins and repeat at 12 Calories per minute.  If you make it to 15 rounds, continue with 18 Calories per minute.

Rest 5mins

2. 3mins Max Pull Ups *5 Burpees every time you drop from bar.

*Post results to comments

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