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1. :30/:45 x10: Airdyne

Rest 4mins

2. :30/:45 x10: Russian Twists

Rest 4mins

3. :30/:45 x10: Burpees

Competitor’s Program

1a. 4×10 Jumping Back Squats, rest :60
1b. 4×2-5 Muscle Ups, rest :60

Notes:  The Jumping Back Squats should be consecutive with no breaks in between reps…the jump is just enough to get your feet off the ground.  Avoid misses on the Muscle Ups…they do not have to be unbroken.

2. For Time:

30 Target Burpees
Rest 1min
20 Target Burpees
Rest 1min
10 Target Burpees

Notes:  Touch a target approximately 6″ above standing reach.

*Post results to comments


ATTENTION:  If you are participating in the Nutrition Challenge be sure to sign up for a Body Composition Re-Test for this coming weekend.  Sign up is posted in the gym.

Also, CFR Open Sign – Up is posted…get your name on the list by Feb 22nd or you’ll have to sit on the sidelines and watch 🙁

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