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1. 10mins: Heavy 2-rep Front Squat

Rest 1min, then:

EMOMx4: 2 Front Squats @ 85% of above

Rest 8mins

2. 4mins:
8 DB Push Press
100m Row

Rest 2mins

8 Deadlifts
10 Push Ups

Rest 2mins

8 T2B
10 Lunges

Notes:  During each 4 min piece work at about 90% effort and record rounds and reps for each.

Competitor’s Program

1. For Time:  1k Row

Notes:  See what ya got!

2. EMOM x10:

Odd: 7 Push Press + 7 Box Jumps
Even: 7 T2B + 7 Burpees 6″ Target

Notes:  Take Push Press out of rack, you choose weight.  Must stand up and show control on the box.

3. 5×5 OHS @ 3111

Notes:  Much more concerned with perfectness here vs weight.

“No one remembers who came in second.” – Walter Hagen

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