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Non-Open Competitor’s

1. 10mins: 5-Rep Deadlift @ 20X2
*Accumulate 30-40 Strict Sit Ups

Notes:  Deadlifts should be PERFECT…focus more on form than weight.

2. 5 Sets for total rounds + reps:

:90 10 Overhead Squats, 10 Pull Ups
:90 Rest

Notes:  There is a max of 2 rounds per :90 work interval.

Open Competitor’s

14.2 Prep Work

Competitor’s Program

1.  20min Warm Up

Notes:  Spend a good 20mins warming up and mobilizing your Shoulders, Forearms and Hips.  This should be the same warm up you plan on doing tomorrow. Do minimal OHS and Pull Ups before starting part 2.

2. EMOMx7:

1st Min:  5 OHS 95 + 5 C2B Pull Ups
2nd Min: 5 C2B Pull Ups + 5 OHS 95
3rd Min: Rest
4th Min: 10 OHS 95 + 5 C2B Pull Ups
5th Min: 5 C2B Pull Ups + 10 OHS 95
6th Min: Rest
7th Min: 10 OHS 95 + 10 C2B Pull Ups (done in 2 sets)

Notes:  Start each set of OHS with a Squat Snatch

3.  Cool Down:  Spend a good 15-20mins cooling down and mobilizing Shoulders, Forearms and Hips.

“The first step is you have to say that you can.” – Will Smith

Get Mental For The Open Pt 1

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