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1. 15mins, Back Squat: 3,2,1

Notes:  You have 3 working sets, all of which should be “heavy”….no failing…if you fail a rep you do 100 Burpees…no joke!

Rest 6mins

2. EMOMx8

Odd: :30 Wall Balls
Even: :45 Russian Twists


Odd: :30 KB Swings
Even: :45 Plank

Competitor’s Program

1. 15mins: 5RM Thruster – bar starts on the ground

2. 10mins: Muscle Up Tech Work

Notes:  Think about the Muscle Up in 4 parts: 1) Kip Swing 2) Hip Drive 3) Turnover 4) Press Out.  Spend your time on the part(s) that you struggle with most.

3.  3RFT:

10 Power Cleans 135
10 Push Jerks 135

Notes:  I want you to write down a game plan on the board before you start on exactly how you plan to break up these reps per round.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DEVIATE FROM YOUR PLAN…if you do, stop the workout and go to “time out”.  For real, think of this as a test of how well you know yourself when it comes to these movements…when you get done you/we can discuss any ways you could’ve game planned better.

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“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” – Dale Carnegie

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