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1a. 4×3 Front Squat, rest :30
1b. 4×6 Chin Up, rest :30
1c. 4×9 DB Floor Press, rest :30

2. EMOMx12:

Odd: Burpees (:20, :30, :40, :20, :30, :40)
Even: T2B (:20, :30, :40, :20, :30, :40)

Competitor’s Program

1. 25mins:  Find 1RM Back Squat

2. AMRAP 5mins: Sets of 3 UB Strict Pull Ups


The winners for the 2014 CFR Open are: Anita, Sarah, Kylie, Hus-Lady, T, Mob-Mart (Tum-Tum), Snake, $ Mike, and Big John.  Congratulations to all of you on a job well done!  Please see us for your T-shirt and prize money!

The Rauner’s have been so kind to invite all of us over to their home tomorrow night (Sat) starting at 8pm for a Post-Open celebration.  Everyone is invited, even if you didn’t participate in the Open this year.  They live at 1636 Blushing Dr, Rochester Hills…BYOB!

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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