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1. 12mins: Heavy Deadlift

2. 5RFT, Teams of 3, 22min Cap:

600m Row
30 Box Jumps – SD

Notes: 1 person works at a time.

Competitor’s Program

1a. 4×5 Bench Press, rest :15
1b. 4×5 TnG Power Cleans, rest :45

Notes:  Aim for around 65% of your 1RM Power Clean for both movements…however, both don’t HAVE to be same weight, and they should stay unbroken.

2. For Time:

800m Run
70 Double Unders
60 Wall Balls 20#
50 KB Swings 24kg
40 Box Jumps
30 Push Ups
20 Calories – A.D.
5 Muscle Ups

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

Diaphragmatic Breathing

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