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1a. 4×5 BB Bentover Rows, rest :30
1b. 4×5 Standing DB Press, rest :30

2. 20mins:

Airdyne for Calories
*EMOM do 10 Russian Twists

Competitor’s Program

1. With a 36min Running Clock:

0-12mins: Run 1mile and with remaining time do ME HSPU
12-24mins: Run 1mile and with remaining time find a 3RM Power Clean
24-36mins: Run 1mile and with remaining time do ME Burpee Muscle Ups

Notes:  HSPU’s can be strict or kipping (use Abmat with 25# plates if kipping).  3RM Power Clean does not have to be TnG, but if you drop b/w reps you should get right back on the bar.  Burpee Muscle Ups = Burpee + Muscle Up 🙂  Record mile time and score for each 12mins.

2. Accumulate 2mins in a Hanging L-Hold

“Success is a lousy teacher.  It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” – Bill Gates

Ankle Soreness and Mobility


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