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1a. 5×3 Press, rest :30
1b. 5×5 DB Bentover Row, rest :30

2. For Time (8min cap):

21, 18, 15, 12, 9
KB Swing
Med-Ball Sit Up


Competitor’s Program

1. 3 Sets:

4 1st Half Deadlifts – from floor to knee
4 2nd Half Deadlifts – from knee to top
4 Full Deadlifts
*Accumulate 100 Sit Ups in between sets

Notes:  Each set is essentially 12 reps.  Do all 4 1st half DL, then all 4 2nd half DL, then 4 DL.

2. 6x 400m Run, rest 1:1



-The $40 Murph fee is due by Saturday, please get it in ASAP!

-If you are planning to attend the Billy Kochis Memorial Golf Outing as either a golfer or dinner guest, please get your registration form and money in by this Friday, May 23rd.  THANK YOU!

-We will be closed this Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day!

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

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