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AMRAP 20mins
*In teams of 3, one person works at a time

30 Ring Rows
30 Calories – Row
600m Run

Competitor’s Program

1. EMOMx7: 2 Split Jerks @ 80% of 1RM C&J

2. 2mins: ME HS Walk

Notes:  If you are unable to do even couple feet, do ME Shoulder Touches or Plate Touches up against the wall.

3. 9-7-5

Hang Squat Clean Thruster 135
Bar Muscle Up

Notes: If you don’t have Bar Muscle Ups, do 15-12-9 C2B Pull Ups.



-The $40 Murph fee is due by Today, please get it in ASAP!

-We will be closed this Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day!

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