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1a. 4×5 Deadlift, rest :30
1b. 4x:30 Boat Pose, rest :60

Notes:  Go heavy on the DL, however, be sure to practice your weaknesses.

2. 6x Through:

:60 Burpees
:60 Rest
:60 Airdyne – Calories
:60 Rest

Notes:  Perform at around a 80% effort, all sets should be similar in result.  Record total Burpees and Calories per set.

Competitor’s Program

1a. 5×5 Close Grip Bench Press, rest :60
1b. 5×2 Rope Climbs, rest :60

2. 4RFT:

10 KB Thrusters 24kg
4 Muscle Ups

Notes:  Use 2 KB’s for the Thrusters.


This Saturday, June 7th, we will NOT be having a 12pm class.  If you know you’re attending class on Saturday please sign up ASAP because if the 3 classes fill up we will add a 8am class.  Thanks!

“Have patience.  All things are difficult before they become easy.” – Saadi

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