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1. 12mins: 3-Position Snatch

Notes:  Pos 1: Hi-Hang, Pos 2: Above Knee, Pos 3: Floor…build to a heavy single.  Also, during time accumulate 40 T2B.

2. AMRAP 12mins:

5 Front Squats @ 40%
10 Russian KB Swings
15 Sit Ups

Notes:  Use Sit Ups as “rest”-pace in order to go unbroken on FS and KBS.

Competitor’s Program

1. Hi-Hang Clean & Jerk: 7 Attempts – start at 60%

Notes:  Only add weight after made attempts.

2. 8x600m Run, rest 1:1

Notes:  Rest 6mins b/w sets 4 and 5.  If raining, sub with 2mins on Airdyne.

“Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” – Satchel Paige

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