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1. 5 Rounds:

2mins: Row
1min: Burpee
3mins Rest

Notes:  Work at 80-90% for the first 4 rounds looking for consistency…then open it up on the last round and go HARD.  Record Calories + Burpees each round.

Competitor’s Program

1. 4×2 Clean – Above Knee – from blocks

2. 3×3 Clean Pulls, rest :90

3. 6×2 Back Squats @ 80%, rest :60-:90

4. For Time:

50 T2B *EMOM do 30 Double Unders

Notes:  First minute starts with DU’s.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Don’t forget to mark your calendars…August 16th is CFR’s 3-Year Celebration.  CLICK HERE for more details.

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future but today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.” – Bill Keane

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