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In Teams Of 2:

6mins: Airdyne – Calories
5mins: Row – Calories
4mins: Wall Balls
3mins: Box Jump – SD
2mins: Pull Ups
1min: Burpees

*1min rest/transition b/w movements

Notes: 1 person works at a time…goal is to accumulate as many reps as possible for each movement.

Competitor’s Program

1. EMOMx8: 2 Front Squats @ 55%

Notes: Focus is speed out of bottom with perfect mechanics.

2. EMOMx32:

Min 1: 200m Run (100m D/B)
Min 2: 3-5 Muscle Ups
Min 3: “Running” Jump Rope
Min 4: 8-10 GHD Sit Ups

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure.” – Bill Gates

Getting Back To The Basics

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