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1. 12mins: Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk – Build to Heavy Single

2. 4x800m Run @ 80-90%, rest 5mins b/w

Notes:  Goal is consistency!  Accumulate 100-150 Sit Ups during rest breaks.

Competitor’s Program

1. 3×3 Back Squats @ 95%, rest as needed

Notes:  Minimize failed attempts.  For example, if on your first set you miss the 3rd lift, only do 2 reps on the next set.  We do not want to me practicing failed lifts!

2a. 4×8-10 Ring Dips, rest :60
2b. 4xME Strict C2B Pull Ups, rest :60

Notes: A: does not have to be done unbroken, practice good, quality movement.  B: If unable to do 5 reps, do Max C2B + 3-5 Strict Pull Ups (chin over bar).

3. 10mins: Sled Walk – moderate weight


25 Tire Flips – Not for time

“A man who wastes one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin

So You Think You’re A Badass?

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