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1. 10mins: Snatch Tech Work

2. 2mins:

10 Hang Power Snacth @ 45-50%
20 Wall Balls
Max Russian Twists w/ Time Remaining

Rest 2mins, x5

Notes:  Base Snatch weight off 8/5/14.  Both Snatches and Wall Balls should go unbroken.

Competitor’s Program

1. 25mins: 1RM Back Squat

Notes:  Be sure to take ample time warming up and mobilizing.  You should be sweating by the time you start back squatting.

2. 15mins: Find 7RM CGBP and accumulate 35 strict Pull Ups.

3. For Time:

20 Calories – A.D.
9 Power Cleans @ 65%
20 Calories – A.D.
6 Power Cleans @ 65%
20 Calories – A.D.
3 Power Cleans @ 65%
20 Calories – A.D.

Notes:  Use AD6 for the bike (AD4 is 30 Calories).  Base Clean % off heaviest Clean from Wed.

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” – Epictetus

Why We Eat: Hunger

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