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In Teams of 2:

Shuttle Run
300 Double Unders
200 Russian Twists
100 Burpees
50 T2B
25 Calories on Rower – Each

Notes:  All reps are completed as a team with one person working at a time.

Competitor’s Program

1. Every :30 x20: 1 Deadlift @ 105% of 1RM Clean

Notes:  This is 20 total Deadlifts (10mins). Control bar down from top, do not drop.

2.  2mins /2mins x4:

20 Calories – AD6
15 Wall Balls
Max KB Swings 32kg

“Never go backward.  Attempt, and do it with all your might.  Determination is power.” – Charles Simmons

5 Factors For Success

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