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1. 20mins:

:60 Row
:30 Plank
:30 Boat Pose

Notes: Consistent movement throughout…record total calories for the Row.

2. 20mins: Goat Work

Notes:   Pick 1-2 or your weaknesses and get better at them…some ideas are; Oly Lifts (Snatch, Clean, Jerk), Double Unders, Kipping, Handstands, etc.

Competitor’s Program

1. Every :15 x 8: 1 Power Clean at 70-75%, rest 2mins x3

Notes:  Base percentage off 1RM Power Clean.

2. EMOMx10: 5-7 Strict Pull Ups + 20 V-Ups

3. :40on / 3mins off x 6: Airdyne at very hard effort

“You can do anything, but not everything.” – David Allen

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