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1. 2mins/2mins x4:
40 Double Unders
15 KB Swings
Max Cals on Airdyne w/ time remaining

REST 5mins

2. 2mins/2mins x4:
15 T2B (3 sets of 5)
15 HSPU (3 sets of 5)
Max Hang from Pull Up Bar w/ time remaining

Competitor’s Program

1. 5RFT (8min cap):

10 Thrusters 95/65
10 Lateral Burpees over the bar

Notes:  Must hop both feet at same time, no stepping.

2a. 3×3-4 Seated DB Single Arm Press @ 21X1, rest :60 – DB in both hands, only one works at a time – do all reps on one, then switch
2b. 3×4-5 Strict Chin Up @ 21X2, rest :60 – add weight if necessary

3. 10mins on Airdyne at 75%

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