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1. 12mins: Hang Snatch from above knee – heavy single

Notes:  Deadlift bar to above knee, pause for 1 sec, then perform rep.  Focus on lifting the bar from the floor with the legs while pulling the knees back to engage hamstrings.

2. 4mins @ 80% effort:
10 Box Jumps – SD
6 DB Snatch (3 each arm)

Rest 5mins

3. 4mins @ 80% effort:
10 Lunges
6 Pull Ups

Rest 5mins

4. 4mins @ 100% effort:
10 Burpees
10 KB Swings

Notes:  The percent efforts are relative to the time working and movements involved. 100% doesn’t mean you should necessarily sprint out of the gate, it just means that you are trying to get the most reps completed that you could in the time given.  Where as 80% means you’re working hard, but not completing as many reps as you could if it were prescribed at 100%.

Competitor’s Program

1. Every :90 x 5 sets:

5 TnG Power Clean + Push Jerks – start at 95/65 and add 10lbs each set, ending at 135/105

Notes: Practice TnG at the floor AND at the shoulders – only add the 10# if you were successful with the previous weight.

2. 5 Sets:

:45 Row @ 1:40/1:58
:45 Muscle Ups – max of 5 reps
:90 Rest

Notes:  Keep the Row at the designated split time the entire :45.  The :45 of MU’s begins immediately after the Row, in other words you’re working for :90, resting for :90.  Muscle Ups do not have to be unbroken, but do no more than 5 reps each set.

3. 3mins:  Max Target Burpees – 6″ – try not to game this, go as hard as you can from the get go.

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