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1. 15mins:  Heavy Single Hang Clean + Split Jerk

Notes:  Pull bar from the floor and pause above knee, then perform a hang clean from the knee + 1 Split Jerk.

2. 5 Rounds (record total Push Ups + Ring Rows for each)

:30 Push Up – rest in FLR
:30 Rest
:30 Ring Row – rest in bottom position
:30 Rest
:30 Jump Rope
:30 Rest

Competitor’s Program

1. Back Squat: 3-2-1-1, 20X1, rest 2mins – build so last set is close to maximal

2. 3×4-5 Wtd Hip Extensions, 20X2, rest :90

3. 3 Rounds:

:60 HS Hold – record seconds
:60 Rest
:60 Double Unders – record reps
:60 Rest
:60 3 C2B Pull Ups – record sets of 3
:60 Rest
:60 Air Squats – record reps
:60 Rest

Congratulations to all of those who completed the 2015 eat Clean, get Lean, make Green Challenge!  Points will be tallied tomorrow and our winner will be announced.  Regardless of who won, we hope this last month taught you something about yourself and the way your food can impact your life.  You may have had great success with the challenge, you may not have, but either way we are here to help you with any of your nutritional / lifestyle questions and needs.  Our Nutrition Coaching program offers you an individual approach to tackling your goals.  Learn more HERE and contact us with any questions.

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