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1. 10mins: Build to MODERATE Hi-Hang Snatch or Deadlift

2. Every :90 x4:

10 Jumps over Bar
5 Snatch or Deadlift at 75% of Part 1

3. With a partner, complete 16 rounds of:

5 Wall Balls
5 Row Calories

Notes:  I do a round, you do a round…each person will end up doing 8 rounds.

Competitor’s Program

1. AMRAP 8mins:

Power Cleans 135/95
C2B Pull Ups

Notes: Warm up and treat like and Open workout…DO NOT TEAR YOUR HANDS…sub tough Ring Rows if hands feel like they’re gonna rip.

2. 25mins:  Airdyne at easy pace – every 5mins do :35 Boat Pose

Notes:  Start this within 5mins of completing part 1.


The CFR Open begins this week (15.1 announced at 8pm on Thursday).  Here are a few things to make note of:

Open Competitor’s:

-Your groups and heat times are posted at the gym and on Facebook…make sure you know what time you’re working out on Saturdays

-Please get your $10 entry fee in ASAP….you will not be able to complete your first workout if its not in.

-If you cannot make it on Saturday, let us know and we can schedule a time on Friday or Sunday for you do make it up.

-If you have a 3-day / week membership, your Saturday Open workout will not count against that


-We will have an hour of Open Gym on Saturday mornings from 8-9am for you to get a workout in.

-Consider coming to the gym to watch, cheer and judge during the Open heat times

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” – Bruce Lee

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