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1a. 5×8-10 DB Floor Press, rest :30
1b. 5×8-10 Banded Plate Squat, rest :30

2. :10 Handstand Cluster: 4×1.1.1, rest :60

Notes:  Kick up into Handstand and hold for :10, come down then repeat for 3 reps, rest :60 before next set – 4 sets total

3. 21-15-9 (6min Cap):

KB Swing
Sit Up
Double Under

Competitor’s Program

1. 5 Sets @ 75%:

250m Row
Rest :20
25 Airdyne Calories
Rest :60

2. AMRAP in 5mins: Strict Pull Ups

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself.  Self-respect leads to self-discipline.  When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.” – Clint Eastwood

Mark your calendars…On Sunday, April 26th, the one and only Donny Shankle will be at CFR teaching an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar.  Donny is a USA Olympic hopeful and will be picking up some serious weight and dropping some serious knowledge.  If you want to be a better lifter and want to see this badass in action, you MUST be here.  More details to come…for now, watch this video and get pumped!

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