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Open Workout 15.5

For Time (12min cap):

Row Calories
Thrusters 95/65

This is it folks, the last one of the season.  We hope you enjoyed the Open, pushed yourself beyond your known limits, embraced the competition and most importantly learned something about yourself!  Sometimes we get so caught up with the scores and whether we won or lost and we forget about what’s actually going on; we’re just testing ourselves against ourselves.  Not just testing our output and measuring it against previous performances, but testing our mental toughness, our ability to give it our all.  We’re also testing our training – did the way you trained set you up for success during your test?  Did you “practice” your movements so well that when put against the clock you were able to just move and not think?  After this last workout I suggest you take some time to reflect on your experience during the Open and how your training has or has not allowed you to progress the way you wanted.  Think about what you did well and where you can improve.  Remember that the work you put in every day is not just about getting better scores in the future, its about progress…progress in how move, feel and think about your fitness.  Here’s to learning from our experiences and improving everyday!  Thanks for a very enjoyable 5 weeks!

Enjoy The Process

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