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1. 10mins: Work on Heavy 2-rep Deadlift

2. In teams of 2…

10 Airdyne Calories
12 Sit Ups

1min Rest

100m Row
30 Russian Twists

1min Rest

50m D/B
10 Leg Lifts

Competitor’s Program

1. Power Clean + Split Jerk – build to heavy single

2. Split Jerk (from rack) – build to heavy double

3. 4 Sets @ 95%:

15 Row Calories
15 Burpees to 6″ target
Rest / Walk 5mins

REMINDER:  Coaches J and Vince will be competing in the Patriot Games today at CrossFit Maven from 1:40 – 3pm.  Feel free to come out and show some support!

“Don’t every feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people.  You are not responsible for their happiness.  You are responsible for your happiness.” – Isaiah Henkel

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